Stuffed Flank Steak on the Recteq

10/10/2022 – These two prepared steaks bought at Publix were very tender and had a great flavor. We will try this again. Also smoked butternut squash halves at the same time.

Mary bought two stuffed flank steaks that weighed together 1.07 lb. The steaks had been cut into long 3/4-inch square strips and then wrapped in a spiral with provolone cheese and spinach leaves laid in as they were wrapped. When the spiral was about 5-inches in diameter it was bound with butcher’s twine.

She seasoned the butternut squash halves with thyme on the butter plus salt and pepper.

When the smoker was turned on to preheat to 225° she took it out of the refrigerator and seasoned them with lightly with 6POGS, salt, and, coarse ground black pepper on all sides. She put them back in the lightweight aluminum pan they came in.

  1. 4:00 PM – Put on the smoker preheated to 225° and inserted a probe into the thin spiral. The squash was inserted at the same time on one end of the grate.
  2. ~4:20 the IT per the probe was 115°. Reduced the Recteq setting to 215°.
  3. ~4:45 the IT was about 135 so reduced the setting to 210°
  4. ~5:00 the IT was 145 so reduced the setting to 200
  5. 5:30 – Pulled the meat with the IT shown per the probe at 146°. (See note below.) Covered the thin pan tightly with foil and left to rest for about 30 minutes in the inside small oven set to 100°.
  6. During that time the butternut squash halves finished smoking with the smoker turned up to 280°. They were tender when served.

As the meat spiral was only 3/4-inch thick, and there was not a large thick place to insert the probe, it was likely measuring air temp dampened by the cooler meat.

The meat after all that slow cooking was almost pinkish in the center and had a good smoky tone even though it was only on one side. The cheese was not visible but the meat was very moist as though it had a dollop of butter on it as had been planned. The spinach taste was not evident but the leaves were visible. They added to the attractive presentation.

Next time dry brine them longer than 15 minutes.

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