T-Bones and Corn-on-Cobb

May 6, 2017 – T-Bones steaks (large, 3/4″ thick) reverse seared on the Weber with SnS with Jack Daniels Barrel wood chips and fresh corn on the cob turned out good but note medium-rare like Mary likes.

  1. Lit 2/3 chimney of KBB and put evenly into SnS. That filled it about half way.
  2. Put the two cobs on the indirect side for about 25 minutes. Dome thermo was showing about 350. Nice smoky brown tone when they came off. Covered with alum foil on a plate while the steaks cooked.
  3. Mary had pre-seasoned the steaks 3-4 hours earlier and they had been waiting in the refer.
  4. After the corn was removed added more chips and the steaks on the indirect side.
  5. About 15 minutes with dome temp almost 400 checked the IT and it was 120-125. Left them there about 10 more minutes.
  6. With the lid off seared them over the SnS. The sear was 30 seconds each side for one and one minute for the other.
  7. Pulled to the platter and wrapped in alum foil over the platter to rest maybe 15 minutes.
  8. Results
    1. There was no pink in the steaks. They were tender and had a good flavor but not the intense grilled char taste that reverse sear should have provided. The long rest and the cook time that came with it may have pushed them beyond the med-rare pink level.
    2. Corn was good. Good dark smoky look but no creosote taste of smell. Although the raw kernels did not pop the cook kernels bit off the cob smoothly and had a nice chew.
  9. Next Time
    1. When the steaks barely reach 120 sear them for one minute each side to get the grill taste.
    2. Let rest maybe 5 min so they do not overcook.
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