Tasso our way first time

August 28, 2016

This was a sideline effort to the larger effort of smoking two racks of spare ribs. Trimmed the racks of the flaps and the tips along with other loose pieces. Trimmed the heavy fat off of the trimmings and rubbed them good with Stubb’s Hot Pork Rub.20160828_160948

Put them into the MES on the grills beside the spares next to the door. The MES was set to 230° and the smoke was from Traeger’s Hickory Pellets. They smoked for about 3 hours as I pulled them when the ribs were wrapped.

Sliced small pieces while it was hot and we were both very impressed and will intentionally trim more next time to make a lot for flavoring other dishes.

The pieces were more moist than what we bought in LA. But, those were cold so need to check these when they are cold. Other recipes talk about drying the meat before smoking and smoking a long time to further dry it. Not sure I like the sound of that as it would be more tough than this today.

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