Thanksgiving 2019 at Sundown Farms

11/28/2019 – This is our second Thanksgiving living on the farm and the second time we hosted the family meal. We had 15 family members and at least 4 guests. Food was served inside and we ate outside. The weather was perfect with a sunny day and 72 F.

We made:

  • a 15# “enhanced” turkey, spatchcocked, rubbed and roasted with Creole Poultry Seasoning. One half also had 6POGS under the breast and thigh skin. Roasted it starting at 450 F for 30 minutes that created a nice brown skin. Reduced the temp to 400 F. Cooked it until the breast temp alarmed on the ChefAlarm at 135. The thigh’s temp was 185 F–surprisingly. Total roast time in the convection oven was about an hour. Covered with foil to rest. Once carved it was fully cooked. The 6POGS was not visible or noticeable.
  • an 11# spiral-cut ham that we forgot was in the roaster on the carport. It was not served.
  • Deviled eggs
  • Mary’s Shrimp Dip
  • Mary’s Bread & Butter Pickles made 7/15/19, Red Salsa made 7/11/19, Green Tomato Salsa Verde made 7/26/19 and pickled okra from our garden
  • G-90 Corn and Pinkeye Purple Hull Peas from our garden
  • Hawaiian King rolls
  • Mary’s Texas Pecan Pie Pound Cake without the caramel and her Pecan Crunch Cake. Piper and Olivia helped.
  • Kelley helped with everything and made roasted vegetables that included asparagus, onions, and bell peppers.

Becky, Peggy, and Mandy brought casseroles and salads. Frank made a pumpkin and pecan pie. He also made Chantilly Cream made with almond extract and vanilla bean that was great on the cakes or anything.

Jack fried a turkey using a blackening seasoning used at TGIF. Brooks made her sweet potato casserole with pecans.

Mary and Kelley made table centerpieces with the Indian corn from the garden. Most took one home as a memory of the day.

Family members present were:

  • Tom & Mary Davis
  • Peggy and Frank Knippenberg
  • Becky and Randy Danials
  • Kelley, Rocky, Piper, and Olivia Hughes
  • Mandy, Tom, and T.S. Browning
  • Lanier and Lanea Davis
  • Brian Daniels and Justin
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