Tomatoes & Jalapenos Smoked for Salsa

June 5, 2016 smoked with apple chips along with pork loin bone-in.

Rubbed the tomatoes and peppers lightly with EVOO so the smoke would stick. [Not sure that worked.]  They smoked for 1 hr 15 minutes on the top rack on the SS tray. The skin was beginning to crack and so that is why I pulled them. The peppers have a smokey look and are a bit soft to touch as are the tomatoes.20160605_141205

Put the whole tomatoes in the blender along with the red onion, garlic, jalapenos, fresh cilantro, black pepper and kosher salt. The salsa is too thin. Should have cut the tomatoes up so some of the liquid would have drained.

The four jalapenos were twice as much as needed for the amount of tomatoes.

Next time:

Review –

Review Salsa part of

Try cutting all in half and pour out tomato liquid then smoke with cut side up. Also try pecan as the apple was not as distinctive as when we did it with hickory pellets.

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