Tom’s Shrimp Pasta with Andouille Sausage

First made on January, 25, 2001

Brown 8 oz cajun andouille sausage in 2T bacon grease in a 10” skillet with temperature high enough to cause edges to fry creating bits of crunchy sausage in the grease but not high enough to harden the sausage.

While sausage is browning, shell shrimp and rub with Emeril’s Rustic Rub. A.k.a. Emeril’s Rustic Rub a.k.a. Emeril’s Essense.

Slice five 1-2” diameter fresh mushroom into ¼” thick slices and add to pan. Add 2 large cloves of chopped garlic.

Add at least 1 rounded tablespoon of red pepper flakes and a good shake of fresh, course ground black pepper. If you want the final red-tinted brown sauce to look less “common” then use white pepper corns. Turn heat down a little.

Gently sauté until mushrooms turn brown and begin to soften. Keep the heat low enough that the garlic does not turn brown and harden.

Add 2T butter. When butter has melted add 10-12 medium shrimp (pealed and headed). Turn heat up a little.

As shrimp turn pink add 1C of average, inexpensive Chardonnay that is not sweet. Skillet must be hot enough to make wine begin to simmer and evaporate.

When shrimp are almost done (not more than 5 minutes) drizzle about ½C of Half-and-Half around the edges of the pan. The H&H should come to temperature quickly and begin to simmer. Stir to combine into a light brown sauce with the red pepper and black pepper flakes floating among the dark red sausage and pink shrimp.

Serve quickly over linguine or angel hair pasta.  Or just mop up with French or Italian loaf bread torn by hand from the loaf. Total time from shrimp hitting the pan to arriving in your mouth should not exceed 6-7 minutes. If they are “crunchy” (not in a fried way) then they are perfect. If they are firm and chewy then they were in the pan too long.

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