Turkey Smoked Simply

Meat is moist and very flavorful with a little kick. Color from the heavy seasonings and smoke was great. The Amazen tray was lite on both ends for more smoke given the shorter smoke time for the turkey. This was a good cook.

7/15/2017 – Thawed in a cold water bath a 13 lb. turkey bought last Christmas season. Seasoned heavily with Best STOP Cajun seasoning under the skin and on top of after cutting into quarters. Seasoning in many places was almost caked on the skin. Smoked with Amazin Pit Master pellets in the tray with both ends burning/smoking. Clearly, more smoke exiting the top vent than usual when only one end of the tray is smoking.

1:15 PM – Put into preheated MES that had coasted up to 270. Ambient temp is 91 and humidity is 62%. The chip tray is not in the holder and the loader is out about 1″.

3:15 – Grate temp is 255 and IT is 133 in the breast on the third grate down from the top.

~6:00 – The smoke had stopped and it seemed to have stalled at an IT of 134 in one of the breasts. Moved them to the kitchen, covered in foil on a baking sheet and put into the oven set at 300. Inserted the Thermoworks probe set to alarm at 162.

~7:30 – Alarm sounded. IT for the breasts was in the 160-170 range and the thighs were 170-180. Left on butcher block wrapped to cool.

Conclusion – Color from the seasonings and smoke is great. Meat is moist and very flavorful with a little kick. This was a good cook.

NOTE – The ingredients on the Best STOP container are:

  • Salt
  • Red pepper
  • black pepper
  • paprika
  • sugar
  • MSG

A little on the finger to taste provides an almost sweet heat but no distinct taste of salt or sugar. The grind is fine and the red color is clear from the paprika. The MSG must be providing the extra flavor punch.

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