Two Butts on the Recteq

11/27/2022 – Bought a 21 lb. two-pack of butts at Rouses on sale keeping them in the outside refrigerator until this morning at 4:30 AM. Rinsed and cut off fat cap and loose ends. Sprinkled with salt and a good “rub” of 6POGS. All that while the Recteq preheated to 250°. Planned to smoke them until they get into the stall at 165 then move them into the inside oven. But, they never seemed to stall.

  1. 5:20 AM – both butts put into the preheated Recteq set at 250°.
  2. At about 2:30 the IT on both was over 190 so lowered the set to 225°.
  3. About 3:15 one had reached 210 and was pulled and wrapped in foil to rest.
  4. About 4 PM the other reached 205 and was pulled and wrapped in foil to rest.

They seemed to cook differently than usual and the only thing I did differently was that they were not opened up like for a competition smoke. This smoke was begun before Church and continued while we were there early and left last as this was the Sunday Jason Newell was called. I watched the IT via the telephone app and did not notice a stall.

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