Two Standing Rib Pork Roasts

July 18, 2016

Thawed a two-bone and a three-bone roast. Removed silver skin from ribs. Rubbed with Stubbs Hot Pork Rub about 5 hours before start and then about 2 hours before sprinkled liberally broken dried rosemary. Left out for the hour before the cook.

Preheated oven to 350 with No.12 cast iron skillet. Seared sides of roasts as much as possible in a skillet that was not hot enough (only 350 minus what it cooled of from searing the previous sides). But it did add color. [Could have done this on the stove but by the time it was hit with convection roast at 400 it got crispy. Color was likely all it needed.]

Once all meat sides were browned turned them bone side down, inserted the ThermoWorks meat probe and set the oven to 350 convection bake. The IT was at 55. The IT temp rose consistently at about 1 degree every 2-3 minutes.

Once it got to 135 reset the oven to convection roast at 400. Once the meat was sizzling we added four ears of corn broken into eight halves around the meat in the skillet. The corn was coated with butter and sprinkled with cajun seasoning.

Having left the door open to add the corn plus the room temp corn the meat began rising after 15 -20 min. Once the meat reached 145 pulled it and left the corn in the skillet with the rendered fat as it needed to cook more. Used the tongs to spin the cobs in the grease to coat them. Once the kernels had a few blacked spots pulled the skillet to the cooling rack.

Cut one roast into three chops and served to Mary and Kelley along with the corn and our first try at Ree Drummond’s Pinto Beans. Piper and Olivia had spaghetti and marina sauce as they needed to eat earlier being 2 and 4 years old.

The roast/chops were good, moist and tender. The crust could have been crisper and spicier but it would have been hard not to over do it. The beans were a good change and will try them again. The corn was the hit. Mary and Kelley rave and Olivia and Piper liked the ears I did without any cajun seasoning.


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