Waffle Iron Favorite Piqua Ware No 8

Won on Ebay February 17, 2013 for $74.59 plus $14.85 shipping from Springfield, Missouri. Sold by dukescast; aka Randy@mchsi.com.  Pronounced pic-waa.

I emailed the seller asking about any history he might know about the piece.  Randy’s response fits with the iron arriving with the Oklahomian newspaper packing dated 1991. He said:

I would love to tell you all about the history of the waffle iron you purchased however I’m somewhat limited, there was an estate sale in Oklahoma city of a buyer who collected waffle irons over a period of 4o years.  I was asked to bid and won 230 of them, electric, cast iron, all kinds shapes and sizes. Being a cast iron collector myself, I’ve picked off the ones I didn’t already have and am trying to sell off the extras, (would love to keep them all, just no room) if you go to GCICA.org, our cast iron club page, there are some good tips on cleaning and seasoning also a link to our Facebook page where all of us cast iron cookware nuts hang out to discuss everything about cast iron. We would love for you to Join the room.

If i can be of any further assistance, feel free to email randy at mchsi com or call at 417 766 4618
Kindest Regards
Randy Young

A photo of original  wood handles is here.

waffle iron riser side waffle iron top1 waffle iron top2 waffle iron left side waffle iron open waffle iron right side waffle iron riser handle no 88

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