First Turkey in The Big Easy

I bought CharBroil’s Big Easy oil-less infrared turkey fryer via EBay for $89.99 and this was the first trial. I had seasoned the SS inner tub with corn oil and heated it until the smoke began to diminish per the directions.

The bird was a Jennie’s 14.6 pounder that I seasoned with Don’s Cajun all purpose rub bought at Don’s Meat Market in Lafayette, LA. The bird was bought frozen and thawed in hot water in the sink that morning. That took about 5 hours.

Patted dry, rubbed generously with corn oil, then shook on the rub generously. It sat for maybe 30 minutes then into the cage and into the Big Easy. Lit the Big Easy and set the timer for 2 hours. The directions said to anticipate 10 minutes per pound. There was a regular gusty breeze so I used the wire lid but finally moved it out of the middle of the patio.

With two meat thermometers in place-one in each side-it was at 160-degrees with 20 minutes to go in what should have been a 2 hour 20 minutes time period. The meat was done correctly, moist and very flavorful even thought I had not injected any cajun seasoning.

This was a great meal and was this inspiration  for this web site to keep a record and have WP’s tagging feature to help find things later.  See also how I made the pinto beans that was a side dish and Kelley’s Cornbread she made up for this meal.

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