Grandmother’s Lodge Skillets

Peggy Knippenburg has two Lodge skillets she got from Grandmother Nellie Schieffelin.  I offered to clean and re-season them as they were as heavy with crud as you could imagine.

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Grandmothers Skillets top cleaned Grandmothers Skillets Bottom stacked cleanedGrandmothers Skillets bottom cleaned



– Inset heat ring with 3 notches at 9/12/3 o’clock.
– Molder’s mark incised at 6 o’clock or raised, on a small flat blob of metal above the size number at 12 o’clock.
– Later, letters denoting pan type, e.g. “SK” skillet, “DO” dutch oven
Lids have grid of pointed tips for basting drippers, size number and diameter or pan capacity incised on underside

After ca. 1960
“Made In USA” added at center

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