2014 Mother’s Day Baby-Back Ribs

Bought two racks at HEB on Saturday.  Rubbed in liberally home made Stubs Hot Pork Rub on a cookie sheet. Wrapped in plastic and spent the night in the refrigerator.

After about two hours outside the refrigerator they went on the kettle where mesquite lump charcoal was going with the kettle at 300.  Played with the air damps and lifted the lid to let heat out. Finally got it down to less that 300.  Add mesquite chips soaked in water for about an hour of the three hours it was smoked.

Wrapped in aluminum foil on a cookie sheet, poured over Stubb’s Original and baked in the over at 350 for a final hour. Bones pulled out easily but and flavor was good although bark was very spicy-hot and crunchy–not like a rib should be. Seemed over done to me and not moist enough.

Mary and Kelley liked it.

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