German Sauerkraut Preps with our 2020 Cabbage

11/27/2020 – We have harvested our first heads of K-Y (Taiwanese) cabbage whose leaves were tender and not as stiff as standard store bought cabbage. Used two of them in our German kraut using the Excell spreadsheet ingredient calculator that provided the ingredient weights below.

K-Y Cabbages1737
Caraway Seed – 2gm /1000 gm cabbage3.5
Juniper berries – 2 gm per 1000 gm cabbage3.5
Mustard Seed – 6 gm per 1000 gm of cabbage10.4
Salt – 1.6% of the cabbage27.8
Projected 1/2 gallon jars at 1400 gm of cabbage per jar1.2

Actually made a 1/2 gallon and a quart. Both with space above the glass weight and not like we usually do where the jars are too full.

The next morning brine had accumulated to the top of the cabbage but did not submerge it. Mixed some 6% saltwater and topped each jar off so the glass weight was submerged. The water should have been 1.6% but the small amount of added 6% saltwater will make little difference.

12/7/2020 – Had two fresh heads of K-Y cabbage so made it into kraut. This amount made one 1/2 gallon jar that was full.

Cabbage gms1646
Caraway Seed – 2 gm per 1000 gm cabbage3.3
Juniper berries – 2 gm per 1000 gm cabbage3.3
Mustard Seed – 6 gm per 1000 gm of cabbage9.9
Salt – 1.6% of the cabbage26.3
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