Marinara & Cajun Tomato Sauce to Freeze

7/9/2022 – We have a lot of tomatoes and bell peppers from the garden and decided to put them up prepared into two base dishes for use with meat in the winter.

  • Cut off all the bad places and chopped the tomatoes.
  • Chopped red onions, celery, and carrots for the marinara. About 1:1:1.
  • Chopped yellow onions, celery, and bell pepper for the Cajun sauce. About 3:2:1.
  1. Cooked them in the two large deep pots (marinara in the deep aluminum pot) with bacon grease and olive oil. After partially wilted, added 1/3rd of the garlic.
  2. After it wilted more, added the fresh tomatoes. Added another third of the garlic.
  3. Add salt and fresh coarse ground black pepper to both. Then added our homemade Italian seasoning (which had a lot of red pepper flakes in it) to the marinara and Kip’s Creole Seasoning to the cajun sauce.
  4. Simmered them for about 5 hours until they became a chunky sauce with a deep aroma. The simmering was halted before it was ready so when it is reheated the meat can cook before the sauce becomes mush.

Q: How much of the seasoning blends were used? A: Until it smelled right.

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