Pork Butt with finishing sauce, Corn on the Cob & BB Ribs

Trimmed fat from the almost 10 lb. butt and ended up with a large loose flat and the point. Rubbed it with 5POGS. Put it into the 250-degree preheated MES with the ChefMasters pellets smoking in the Amazen tray.

Corn on the Cob – After it had been smoking for about 3 hours I inserted the whole corn on the cobs with no sauce or seasoning and smoked them 1 hour. When they well pulled they had almost no smoke color on the kernels. Sauce for the smoked corn was 2.5 T of butter and 1 t of Kitt’s Creole Seasoning. Smoked the 4 shucked cobs for an hour–until some kernels dimpled–then brushed on the seasoned butter.  After brushing onto the cobbs 30+ min before eating they were still mild. They seemed to be done but were not spicy.

Ribs – Put the BB RIbs in with the Butt and left them until the bones were protruding maybe 1/2″ and it passed the bend test. They were dried out too much but had a good, smoked bark. Should have pulled after 3 hours and finished wrapped in the oven.

Finishing sauce was made with the drippings caught below the two pork pieces and the ribs. Added an equal amount of ACD (about 1.5 C) the 1 rounded teaspoon of Kitt’s creole seasoning. It was not spicy but it was flavorful.

Butt – The butt turned out good with a spicy bark.

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