Sauerkraut w/ Carrot, Dill, & Lemon – No.1

3/22/2020 – This was based on the recipe development for kraut with dill and lemon that we liked a lot. We added grated, peeled carrot we like in kraut and hope for a winning combination. The carrot and cabbage were prepared in the food processor.

We only had three heads of Early Flat Dutch Cabbage from the 60 ft. of row planted. But, per SESE, it is good for kraut so we made it separately from the Early Jersey Wakefield that produced great.

We knew what the right amount of carrot “looked like” when mixed into the cabbage so Mary put that much (a large handful) and I weighted it. The carrot amount was a little less than 7 parts cabbage to 1 part grated carrot. So, that will be our ratio for this ferment. The recipe is:

  • Cabbage – 2,415 gm from 3 heads of Early Flat Dutch Cabbage
  • Carrot – 358 gms – 1 part carrot to 7 parts cabbage
  • Lemon juice – about 1 tablespoon to 400 gms of cabbage+carrot.
  • Canning salt at 1.7%


  1. The cabbage did not include the core and was sliced with the slicer blade in the food processor within 2 hours of harvest.
  2. The carrots had been peeled then grated in the food processor.
  3. The lemon juice was freshly squeezed.
  4. Made 2 half-gallon mason jars filled correctly; i.e. not too high.
  5. Had saved brine from a Daikon Radish spear ferment and added a tablespoon to each jar as a starter.
  6. The next morning the brine had risen to the top of the cabbage/carrot mixture. Topped them off with 1.7% salt water.

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