Smoked Thighs & Legs

3/5/2020 – Smoked cleaned pieces from a 10 lb. bag of leg quarters in the MES with Amazen pellets. This is the second smoke at the farm as the new shop provides a good setup and power. They did not have much flavor and we blamed the creole poultry seasoning for being too mild for this dish. Mary made it into chicken salad and that was good.

Shook on heavily our homemade creole poultry seasoning the afternoon before; i.e. 24-hour pre-seasoning.

With the MES set on 250 F and had preheated to 180. The pieces set out covered for about 30 minutes in the 55 F shop. They only took about 1.5 hours to reach 260. They rested for maybe 15 minutes in the turned-off MES. Then took them inside and covered to stay warm in the oven.

Next time – Combine the same seasoning with 6POGS. Then smoke them at 225 so they get more smoke time. Adding some more ground rosemary could also be nice.

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