Smoking a Butt

3/2/2018 – Midafternoon we salted a 9.04 lb pork butt. The seasoning on top of the salt was a mixture of remaining seasoning that included: 4POGS and Kit’s Creole Seasoning. Wrapped tightly in plastic wrap and back into the refer.

3/3/2018 – 6:00 AM. Set the butt out on the counter while drying a combination of Lumber Jack Pecan and the blend. Preheated the MES to 250 for about 45 minutes and inserted the smoking pellets.

6:30 – Added the butt on the third rack from the top and the smoking pellets. MES is set at 250. Grate temp with the Chefworks air probe hanging at the mid point of the butt about 3″ away, after 30 minutes, shows 235 and the MES is warming the cold meat.

11:30 – Opened the MES to add a spatchcocked chicken on the top rack.

1:00 pm – Inserted a rack of Baby Back Ribs


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