Tasso with Hot 3POGS

This test used the 3POGS with the 3X the cayenne. Should have cured the thin slices as it would not have taken long and they would have been better. The seasoning blend seems to be what is wanted for Tasso.  Could try Kit’s Creole Seasoning and add more cayenne and black pepper. Try Chef Paul’s blend at link below.

2/4/2018 – Having sliced off four 1/4″ thick steaks from the Butt being smoked today I applied a solid layer of 3POGS Blend 4 on all sides; i.e. the blend with 3X the Cayenne.

6:30 AM – Put them on a Q mat on the top rack over the butt in the preheated MES setup at 250. Smoke was from Lumberjack Pecan and ChefMaster pellets mixed 1:2.

As the butt was cold, the MES stayed in the low 240s even though the heater element was on most of the time.

9:30 – Pulled them after 3 hours. They are moist and pliable.

Once cooled in the kitchen, I ate a small piece from one end and an adjacent slice.  Tasted good with the heat coming on a minute or so later. Nice flavor of spicy pork but miss the ham flavor. Should have cured them.

Next time review   https://cooking.sundown360.com/2016/09/30/tasso-recipes-totry/  for advice from NOLA Cuisine and Chef Paul.

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