Brisket Flat & Beef Roast Smoked

6/3/2018, Sunday – Both pieces of meat turned out good. The meat was moist likely due to the long dry brining. The combo rub of Jeff’s Texas Rub and 5POGS–different on each–added good flavor. Added more Jeff’s between the smoke and the braising in the oven. This system has now worked well several times on beef.

On Friday afternoon we thawed a ~2 lb flat and ~3 lb. chuck roast. Salted to dry brine, wrapped in plastic and into the refer. Sunday at 6:30 shook on: the flat a good layer of 5POGS and some Jeff’s Texas Rub; and a good layer of Jeff’s on the roast with some 5 POGS on one side.

7:30 AM – The MES was preheated, set to 250 and had coasted up to 265 as usual. The Amazen tray is smoking on both ends with a 50:50 mixture of the blend and pecan pellets. Added the meat and smoking pellets.

MES Temp held in the 240-260 range with the Thermoworks agreeing to some extent as usual.

12:30 PM – smoke has stopped so pulled, top dressed with more Jeff’s Texas Rub, and wrapped separately in foil. IT, when they went into the oven, was surprisingly 155-165. So, set oven to 160 and the timer to 60 minutes to let them become tender…hopefully. Should have checked the tenderness before wrapping but did not realize how hot they were. Did not want to unwrap as they did not seem tender when I picked them up.

6:00 PM – Had the roast for dinner and it was tender and had a good flavor.

The next day we thin sliced both with the slicer and vac packed to have on salads and sandwiches next week at the farm.

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