Fermented Jalapenos & Serranos 5% salt

This ferment failed likely for the need of more salt and fresh jalapenos. The serrano’s were firm enough but could be better and seemed nasty with the penos being so mushy.

10/1/2017 – Chopped up jalapenos and serrano peppers into 1/4″ discs and they filled two 1-quart jars and one pint. Mixed up a 5% brining solution using well water from the farm and canning salt. Filled the jars to the shoulder, installed the fermenting lids and moved to the guest bath. Used the salt calculated by the brining calculator here.

10/7/2017 – First try and found the red ones almost mushy but the green jalapenos and serranos are firm and shiny. After 7 days they are clearly fermented. The jalapenos should have been started the week before when they were very fresh. They had set out on the counter for a week and a few were a bit soft. LIkely, that is why the reds are mushy.

10/15/2017 – Poured them out. Mushy with a lot of mold growing on the parts above the brine.

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