Smoked Jalapenos with Smoked Cheese & Tasso

These jalapenos were very good with the tasso, and smoked cheese. The tasso surely contributed flavor but it was not noticeable. Next time add creole seasoning to the grated cheese before stuffing the peppers. Or, ancho chile powder. 

4/15/2017 – Cut large jalapenos in half, removed seeds and pith. The assembly was: grated smoked medium cheddar and pepper jack; then thin sliced tasso I had made and more cheese. Wrapped with bacon and secured with a toothpick. Smoked in the MES set at 265 with pecan pellets for about 1.5 hours until they looked right.

They were very good per Kelley who was over for a while with Piper and Olivia. When she left Lady got in and ate at least 9 of them. We were worried about her eating the jalapenos, cheese, tasso and toothpicks. It did not seem to phase her at all.

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