Prime Steak Reverse Sear

7/2/2018 – Dry-brined a 1-1/2″ thick Prime Steak from HEB 48 hours ago. This reverse sear turned out great largely due to a good Prime steak.

  1. Pulled from refer an hour ahead to warm a bit and to add a good layer of fresh coarse ground black pepper.
  2. Put it into the Weber Kettle with the Slow-N-Sear with about 10 Kingsword charcoals and a piece of pecan for smoke.
  3. Monitored the IT with the ChefWorks and when it reached about 100 added maybe 20 burning charcoals.
  4. Seared it flipping twice until the IT was 130.
  5. Wrapped in foil and let rest for maybe 10 minutes.

Mary said it was very good. Medium rare with good grill flavor on the outside and moist pink middle and no grey areas between the inside and outside.

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