Bacon Wrapped Drum Sticks, Stuffed Boneless Thighs & salsa makings

This was a successful cook. Kelley said the stuffed thighs were the best thing she has eaten. Both were great warmed up all week.

  • 12 chicken legs and 12 deboned thighs
  • Cajun mustard
  • Cajun rub
  • thin sliced bacon
Removed the skin and heavy fat from the legs and thighs

Shook on a light coating of Cajun seasoning then into a 1 gal ziplock and added cajun mustard. Massaged the bag to distribute the mustard. Went light on the seasoning as Piper and Olivia will be eating with us.

Set MES for 250°F and preheated. Wrap in bacon and sprinkled on more cajun seasoning

3:00 PM –  Inserted two full half-pan wire grids with the wrapped legs and stuffed-and-wrapped thighs into MES on the 2nd and 3rd grate with good smoke from ChefMaster pellets in the Amazn tray.

3:30 – Added to top grate on a mesh:

  • half a large white onion cut into 4ths and separated in halves,
  • four jalapenos cut in half and seeded and
  • six tomatoes that were halved and seeded.

4:30 – IT of both is 150-155. Veggies look ok but as smoke is lite they could go for another 20 minutes.

5:00 – Pulled the veggies off and put them into a 1 gallon ziplock and into the refer for tomorrow. Nice smoke color on the edge and tips.

5:30 – IT is still in the mid 150. Reset the MES to 270.

6:00 – IT is the the high 150s-160.

6:15 – Pulled it with an IT of 160-165.

Ate at 6:30 and Kelley said the jalapeno filled with cream cheese, wrapped in the boneless thigh, then wrapped in very thin bacon was the best she ever had. Olivia loved to pull the bacon off and eat it. Piper was making up songs and we had a great Saturday evening.

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