Grilled Corn on the Cob

5/14/2017 – This was our first attempt with seasoned corn on the cob roasted in the husk on the gas grill. It turned out great although not as spicy as anticipated. 

The corn is very tender although the husk was drying out and that explains the 6 for a $1 price at HEB. Pulled off the dry husk leaving most of them. Pulled them back to exposed the cob and removed the silk. Notice in the photo the nearest cob has little husk. The first couple I pulled of most of the husk but then decided to leave more. Did not see any difference grilling. If they had been smoked the thinner husk would likely have made a difference.

Earlier had melted about 4T of butter and added a 2t of’s Creole Seasoning. Reheated it to just melted and painted it on the cobs. Pulled the husk back over the painted seasoned cob and tied it with butcher twine. [The painting may have been easier if it was not do melted. Maybe room temp but then the seasoning would have all been stuck in the bottom.]

Had gas grill preheated to hot but not searing with valves set maybe 75%. Placed husked cobs on it and closed the lid. Checked often but seen too hot as it was burning the husks too quickly–after maybe 10 minutes. Turned the burners down to about 50%. Turned them over five or six times during the maybe 20-25 minute cook.

Pulled the dried out kinda crispy husks off and the cobs were still buttery and very moist. They were good but we should have painted on more seasoned butter before serving and they would have be great.

The husks did keep the cobs clean as they did not have any black sooty grill stains.

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