Pork Butt Smoked on RecTec

12/19/2021 – Bought a smallish pork butt, trimmed the small amount of fat, and cut it into thirds along the muscles. Rubbed it with Stubb’s Hot Pork Rub and let it sit out for about a half-hour.

  1. 8:00 AM – Put in into the preheated RecTec at 250°. IT temp based on Probe A was 53.
  2. 3:30 PM – Raised to 270°
  3. 4:30 PM – Pulled, wrapped in foil with more rub and ACV. Put into convection oven set to 300°.
  4. ~ 6:00 PM – Kelley, Tim, and the girls had arrived for surprise birthday visit. Turned oven off and let them rest.
  5. 7:00 PM – Enjoyed great smoky pork. Had a deep smoke ring and moist spicy bark.

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